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Metairie, LA


Perfect Hair care service

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I was born and raised in New Orleans, LA. I have been a licensed cosmetologist since 1995 and I have been working in the hair replacement business for 12 years. I worked for a local hair replacement company for many years and I came to the realization that I LOVED my job, but I did not like where I was working anymore! I decided to open my own company. I get so much gratification from helping my clients; I look forward to seeing them on each visit.

If you are currently wearing hair and you are experiencing problems with either your provider or with your hair replacement - that is our specialty. We remove the headaches that are sometimes associated with hair replacement. If you were fitted incorrectly, or your color is wrong and your texture and density do not match - we can fix all of that and more! We take this whole process to a new level of perfection.

You not only want but deserve the best in this city and we deliver.