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We are a custom hair replacement business for both men and women. When a person goes through the shock and anguish of losing their hair they need a confidence booster. We are here to help bring back that confidence. Individuals that lose their hair are the front runners of many jokes and negative comments about wearing hair pieces or toupees.


Hair loss affects thousands of individuals, but most people are left with very few options. Hair loss sufferers can try to "save" their remaining hairs by using a topical medication, (such as Minoxodil) they can invest in a very expensive surgical procedure (hair transplants) or they may choose to go with a wig "just to cover up the problem."


Thankfully there is another more affordable, very realistic solution to hair loss - hair replacement.


Hair replacement is the blending of your own existing hair with new human hair injected in to a very thin skin-like base. The new hair matches your own hair by color, density, and wave pattern. The hair is most often attached with a medical grade adhesive to insure a proper fit. Each clients hair is ordered specifically for them - absolutely "nothing off the shelf."

Hair replacement is a wonderful solution for the people that have been plagued with hair loss.