Hair Restoration

An Affordable & Realistic Hair Loss Solution

Hair Care & Hair Restoration in New Orleans

V3 Salon is a premier custom hair care and hair restoration studio for both men and women. When a person begins to lose their hair, they often experience shock and anguish, while frantically looking for solutions. At V3, we offer the finest, most sophisticated, and most affordable hair loss solution: hair restoration. 

Hair loss affects millions of individuals, and many are left with very few options. Some hair loss sufferers try to save their remaining hair by using a topical medication, such as Minoxodil.  Others invest in very expensive surgical procedures (hair transplants), which often result in scarring. And some choose to go with a wig in an attempt to “cover up the problem.”

Thankfully, hair restoration provides an affordable and realistic solution to hair loss.  At V3 Salon, we’ve been at the forefront of hair restoration and hair replacement for 20 years.

Hair restoration is the blending of your own existing hair with new human hair injected in to a very thin skin-like base. We take great care to ensure your new hair matches your own hair by color, density, and wave pattern. And, we use a medical grade adhesive to guarantee a perfect fit.  Each client’s hair is ordered specifically for them. We never use anything “off the shelf.”

Hair restoration is a remarkably effective solution for anyone plagued by hair loss.

Ready for an Effective Hair Loss Solution?

Look no further than V3 Salon. We’re at the cutting edge of hair restoration and hair replacement, and we’re dedicated to providing only the highest quality service. Let us help restore your hair…and your confidence. Contact us today for a free consultation.